What is Saved By Zero?

Well ya it is that cool 80’s pop hit from the Fixx. And it’s also the Buddhist mantra to get back to the basics.

So someplace between both it’s what I have here. This has been in my head for a while. I think we all have it. It’s a side project. That thing you’ve been working on late at night after everything else is done. That idea in the back of your mind you can’t wait to do. It’s a blog, maybe a podcast, interviews, and way to share tips and tricks or just venting from time to time. That’s Saved By Zero and I’ll be doing my best to populate these pages with a few wise words and talking to fellow creatives sharing insights from the front lines of life and design.

Being a gear head, camera buff, design nut and geek, I’ve had my fair share of side projects that never left the drawing board, some rightfully so. However a few have, and with each new project or client I’ve worked with new side projects always pop up. I’m amazed how each person is usually more excited about the side project then the one at hand. And over the years it’s been an absolute pleasure to help people realize that side project into reality. 

So buckle up and strap in, here we go down the road about making ideas happen, and setting them free.  And if you’re someone out there with a side project you want to share, an experience you want to tell, or lessons learned from making it happen, please drop me a line.