Photography is my connection to the world that keeps me engaged and in motion. My photos often have a reflective quality, playing with light, contrast, and the energy given off by a wide range of subjects. Rather than limiting myself to a certain focus, I give in to the inspiration that strikes in the unlikeliest places.

For me, that’s the beauty of photography, its spontaneity — you never know when the perfect shot will arrange itself before your eyes. That unpredictability reflects the randomness of our daily life, captured in a single still. There’s something truly magical about sharing that moment through a fine art print. By seeing, touching, and consuming the photo, it comes to life and connects you with a moment that otherwise would have faded with my own memory.

My venture into photography is strictly a passion project by design. For that reason, I donate all the proceeds from the sale of my photos to the Old Brewery Mission in Montreal. If you're interested in any photo as a print please contact me. Or check out my Instagram for more photos.

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